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The Wrecking Ball of Yoga

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If you take yoga at all or read the NY Times, it would be hard not to trip over the article “How Yoga Can Wreck your Body”. The response of the yoga community worldwide has been intense including death threats to Glenn Black, the teacher quoted in the article. Were they going to try to kill him by bashing him over the head with a sticky mat? Eww. I digress. Really, we need more of this type of discussion in the yoga community (about injuries, folks, not about how to best kill yogis we disagree with).

To quote the article. “Black has come to believe that ‘the vast majority of people’ should give up yoga altogether. It’s simply too likely to cause harm.” I totally agree and disagree with the statement. Way to take a stand.. like a typical yogi. Let me explain before I fall hopelessly into a stereotype.

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